Do 22. Februar 2018 20:30 - Moods im Schiffbau

Experimental Pop

A crazy duo of, for once, Swiss girls. They mix sound: loop, acoustic, vocal but also influence: Jazz, electro, even progressive rock. The best way to describe them is there manifesto:

"If 2henning would write a manifesto, it would read: Experimentation is our drive! 2henning is intense and wild as a mountain stream. With loops, noise, synthesizer, self-made samples, subtly nuanced grooves and distinctive vocals the two musicians create their moving music. Something between avant-garde pop and indie jazz. I beg your pardon? Exactly, 2henning does not care about genres. Because the second point in the manifesto would be: the stereotype belongs to the past."

In conclusion, if you like experiments while still up for a good beat this is your chance.

Rahel Kraft, voice, synth, fx
Valeria Zangger, drums, samples, synth

Weitere Informationen gibt hier auf der Website des Veranstallters